Advancing Women Conference  10/23/15

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Advancing Women Conference 10/23/15


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Kind Women

I brought Nancy onto my team to sort things out. Six months later... I changed jobs into something that maps more closely to my personal interests and life passions. It is difficult to put a price on feeling gratified in my career...

I simply cannot recommend working with Nancy highly enough. Nancy’s tough, but loving, style will challenge you through life’s crossroads, and urge growth in ways you never imagined."

Are you a waiter? 

I don’t mean the kind of waiter that works in a restaurant… I mean the kind

waits for something profound to happen in their life, instead of making

something happen in their life!

I was a habitual waiter… and it was making my life miserable!

  •  I was 45 pounds overweight… and did nothing about it…
  •  I’d had a multitude of ideas for several more books… and didn’t write…
  •  I dreamed of finding my dream man, best friend and life partner… and did

        nothingto put myself out​ there or make myself available…

  •  I wanted to re-invent my business with a new business model and website… and did nothing

       to create it…


Because I was waiting… waiting for the “best” time to work out… waiting for the “best” idea to write my next book… waiting for Prince Charming to just appear in my life… waiting for the economy to get better before I re-invented my business… waiting… waiting… waiting…

Are you waiting your life away?

My waiting stopped the day I had a horrific fall that severely broke both my ankles and feet…

While I lay on the concrete driveway in mind-numbing pain, the ambulance just minutes away, I had a moment of insightmy life had shrunk in proportion to my fear of it I realized this and asked myself a fundamental question:

                               “Nancy, what did you come here to do, and are you getting it done?”

My personal journey for the next several years was to answer this profound question… by rediscoveringwho I am, what my gifts and talents are and how to use them in my authentic purpose in life so that I can make a difference in the world! And I did! 

Now I’m living my authentic purpose in life and making a real difference in thousands of people’s lives… I love what I do and I earn a fantastic living doing it!

And that’s exactly what I’m going to help you do!   And it’s not going to take several years to do it – it’s only going to take One Day in a Magical room at the…


"Nancy Solomon has done an outstanding job helping women understand what impacts their ability to live powerfully, and how to turn their untapped potential into performance in their work and in their lives. This is a must-read for women who are committed to getting more of what they want!"​


I am so confident the One-Day Advancing Women Conference will dramatically improve your life that I’m offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee. At the end of the One-Day Conference, if you believe that what I present will not improve and empower the quality of your life… then just simply walk up to me after the conference and tell me so and I will gladly refund your
full registration fee – no questions asked.

I want to help you discover your
real life’s purposewhich will fly-open the doors to an exhilarating life you were meant to live!

Using your unique gifts and talents, doing work that you love and making a significant difference in the world that truly holds meaning for you… which will bring you everlasting Happiness!

Please take advantage of the
Early Bird low registration fee of only $297 and the FREE BONUS GIFTS and register right now, BEFORE midnight August 31st… and with my Money Back Happiness Guarantee you have nothing to lose.

I look forward to seeing you at the Advancing Women Conference and being the catalyst that helps you transform your life into one of Meaning, Purpose and Fulfillment.

To your empowerment,

Nancy D. Solomon
President and Founder of womenthink

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call our office at 425.429.3636

You are going to receive in One Day what took me years to perfect… The processes and methods you’re going to learn at the Advancing Women Conference are personally forged and battle tested!

I have literally used these techniques to help thousands of people push past the barriers that have been keeping them from living the life they so richly deserve… and I will do the same for YOU!

Stop WAITING…  register right now for the
Advancing Women Conference…

You’ll Empower Yourself With…

  • The Sexy Side of Personal Power!
  • How to activate your full potential and show those around you how to do the same!
  • The one reason why you still haven’t opened the biggest gift your parents gave you!
  • The 13-step field-tested formula guaranteed to get you a promotion, earn you a raise, and empower you to play Big, Bold and Beautiful in your life!
  • Uncover the obstacles and challenges to your success that you didn’t know you have!
  • How to Release the “Four Money Blocks” and start receiving the Financial Wealth now!
  • How to transform your life into a legacy!
  • How to increase your confidence to increase your performance!
  • How to stop playing the waiting game and start living Now!
  • How to play big… because playing small isn’t playing at all!
  • How to decrease your depression in 6 minutes or less… and increase your Happiness!
  • And much, much more!

How Two Broken Ankles Transformed My Life

Hi everyone! This is Nancy D. Solomon. I’m the president and founder of womenthink (tm), where I teach authentic, heart-centered, purpose-driven people, much like yourself, how to increase your impact and make a difference in the world by doing what you love in your work and in your life.

Over the last twenty-four years, I have inspired thousands to remove the barriers to fulfilling their life’s purpose – everyone from senior executives at companies such as Microsoft, Target Corporation, Nordstrom, Acura, Sheraton Hotel and Washington Mutual to parents, entrepreneurs and business owners…

And now I’m bringing my high-powered transformational program to you in just one day, in one magical  room… at the… 

Paige Boesen


Nancy has inspired me to make a huge transformation that continues to evolve my life year after year.

Nancy's Advancing Women Conference was full of insights, truth and inspiration. I highly recommend it!

a $25 Value FREE

Advancing Women Conference  10/23/15


The world is waiting for you to show up because the world is changing (and not it a good way) and it needs as much talent as it can get. Especially yours!

You and I need to step up and be in community. What broke the system is “me, me, me, me, me.”  What will transform the world is “we, we, we, we, we.”

It’s time for us to put ourselves out there, stop trying to look good and get the job done that we came here to do.


Advancing Women Conference

Advancing Women Conference


Advancing Women Conference

I’ve selected my best proven strategies and tools and put them into one program to help women

discover their real purpose and realize their full potential in a one-day event that will change their lives…


"Nancy Solomon is a front-runner who inspires you to solve problems, navigate life’s challenge and victories, and set a powerful direction for your life.”

- Sarah Weddington, winning attorney Roe vs. Wade, Professor

Is Built on Three Cornerstones...

TO LEAD:  YOU MUST be on purpose. You need to identify your purpose, create a life strategy around it, and develop and implement actions and tactics toward the goal of LIVING IT in every area of your life. Leadership starts with YOU!

TO INSPIRE:  To live so purposefully, so deliberately, so grounded in your own operating system that those around you are consistently inspired to do the same in their own lives!

TO TRANSFORM:   When we show up transformed, we transform the world around us. To create transformation is NOT to change – change doesn’t work because you try to hold on and let go at the same time. Transformation is creating the authentic NEW you!

 Come see why bestselling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus John Gray, says…

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Tammy Chavarria


The power is in YOU - always has been. Let me help you unlock that power so that you can live the

extraordinary life you were meant to live...

It won't take years, months, weeks or even days - just one day... with me... in one magical room at the ...


One day in your life that will impact the rest of your life!

Nancy D. Solomon

Founder & President

womenthink (tm)

"Nancy delivers inspiration from the heart combined with common sense for

everyday living. I thoroughly enjoy her down-to-earth approach, coupled with

her delightful sense of  humor! This is a treat you won’t want to miss.” 

 - Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. author of,

If Life is a Game, These are the Rules: Ten Rules for Being Human

And It Won’t Cost You Thousands of Dollars!

Advancing Women Conference

 MEET NANCY:        Nancy D. Solomon turns individual, team, and organizational potential into measurable performance.

As the founder and owner of Nancy D. Solomon, LLC, an elite coaching and organizational development company, Nancy has helped thousands of people overcome their barriers to professional success.

For the last 24 years, Nancy has created, led, and implemented initiatives that have enabled organizations to:

  • Drive culture change
  • Optimize teams and talent
  • Engage and retain employees
  • Develop senior and mid-level executives
  • Advance women in leadership

As a culture change expert, Nancy has transformed stagnating organizations into workplaces defined by high performance standards, individual accountability, creative collaboration, and mutual trust.

As a talent and team builder, Nancy has shown organizations how to develop, engage, and retain The Unheard Third™—leaders and individual contributors who are neither high potentials nor poor performers, but who are instrumental to a company’s success.

And as an executive coach, Nancy has accelerated the development of A and B-players, helped derailing leaders get back on track, guided business owners, and served as a trusted advisor to C-suite leaders.

But Nancy’s most significant and enduring contribution is her pioneering work with women in leadership. She has helped companies understand why they are losing their most promising women, and she has shown them how to retain this valuable talent.

In her groundbreaking Women. Courage. Leadership.™ program, originally created for a Fortune 35 company, Nancy uses a variety of vehicles—individual career and performance coaching, assessments, group coaching, teleseminars, and retreats—to help women upgrade their skill sets so they can make full contributions to their organizations.

To date, over 500 women have participated in Women. Courage. Leadership.™, with over 80% attributing their career success to what they accomplished in the program.

Throughout her career, Nancy has worked in many industries including banking, construction, retail, information technology, real estate, telecommunications, transportation, health care, and hospitality. Her clients include Microsoft, Target, Acura, Nordstrom, Wellpoint, Westin, and IACCM, as well as many passionate individuals.

Before establishing her business, Nancy spent 16 years in the fashion industry, working an as executive for companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue, The Limited, Calvin Klein, and Paul Smith.

Nancy is the author of the acclaimed book, Impact! What Every Woman Needs to Know to Go From Invisible to Invincible (John Wiley & Sons, November 2009). She is currently working on her next book on intuitive intelligence, as well as training, coaching, blogging, giving keynote speeches, and developing new products.

Nancy received her B.S. in Special Education from State University New York, Geneseo. She received her Masters in Psychology from Antioch University, Seattle.

Nancy makes you believe you can do anything you want, and be the best you can be!

Brenda Breuer


First  25Guests Receive

Special Free Bonus #  1

a $50 Value FREE

In your lifetime you're going to spend approximately 90,000 hours at work.

If you want to get the most out of your life, if you want to make the biggest impact, if you're truly going to make a difference in the world that matters to YOU, then you need to be certain that your job/career is the best expression of who you are, authentically.

​That's it, and it's everything!

Advancing Women Conference


My executive coaching fees run in the thousands of dollars; so do my multiple-day retreats…

But I wanted to inspire and empower women who may not have had the opportunity to use my executive coaching services or attend a multi-day retreat.

That’s why I developed this dynamic
one-day program for the…

​​I transform lives by asking one fundamental question:


                                    "What did you come here to do, and are you getting it done?”

How would you answer that question right now in your life?

How would you like to do what you were born to do?  It’s in you – you know it is – it’s always been there… I will help you discover it!

Drawing from my 20-plus years of experience… from my masters in psychology to my eighteen years as a coach and corporate trainer, along with my personal struggles and triumphs…

I have developed a proven, proprietary process where, in just one day, you will discover the authentic You  and your life’s purpose!

I will show you how to utilize your gifts and talents to do work that inspires  you and makes a real difference in the world… a difference that matters greatly to YOU!

When you’re doing what you love and loving what you’re doing – the world literally opens up to you… and you experience Joy, Peace and Happiness

This harmonic life balance creates a surprising byproduct
Financial Wealth because when you use your unique gifts and talents in living your life’s purpose, people will usually pay you handsomely for it!

Imagine Entering A Magical  Room

       That Will Transform Your Life…

PLEASE NOTE: Registration fees are non-refundable but transferable.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration fees are non-refundable but transferable.






"There is a difference in the world that only you can make."   -Solomonism # 327

If you don't get your job done, if you don't carry out your mission, it will never get done, and the world will be diminished by the exclusion of the gift that you are, which is the gift that you bring.


Advancing Women Conference

Advancing Women Conference

Friday, January 29, 2016 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm PT

Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington…

“Two women in my group recently attended Nancy Solomon’s women. courage. leadership. retreat and the results I saw were impact-full and immediate.” 

Kim Slee, Director – Microsoft Media Services

.....And this is Your Magical Room

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AdvancingWomenConference for the one-time low offer of...

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      45 Minute- 1-on-1 Strategy Session with Nancy      $495 VALUE

      2-Minute Tune-ups for a Powerful Life Audio             $50 VALUE

      Nancy's Book, IMPACT!, Personally Autographed     $25 VALUE

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The number one motivator of human behavior is the need to make a difference.

You've probably dreamed of making a big difference in the world. You know that you have a special message or mission in life simply because there's a tugging from your soul telling you so.

But maybe you can't clearly identify it or articulate it, and, if you can, you may have no idea as to how to get it done; how to get your message out to the world where it will make all the difference.

I can help you identify your message, your unique life purpose, and make sure that the work you're doing in the world-- your job and your career-- is an expression of that purpose.


Advancing Women Conference

Here is what you’ll discover in the magical room with me…

  • Your real life’s purpose and your over-arching theme in life!
  • Your unique gifts and talents and how to use them in work you love!
  • How to get more of what you want, simply by becoming more of who you already are!
  • The top 3 things you must know if you’re ever going to be truly happy and make a difference  in the world!
  • Uncover the obstacles and challenges to your success that you didn’t even know you have!
  • Identify your inner Saboteur and send her to Siberia forever!
  • The 3 actions you must take, that everyone else will tell you never to do!
  • You will formulate a plan, in writing, for advancing courageously in both your professional and personal life.
  • And much, much, more…

Friday, September 30, 2016 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm PT

Your life will take Flight at the Museum of Flight in

Seattle, Washington…

Your insights are worth 10 times what I paid you for your time. Thank you for who you are. You have given me a second chance to make my business even more successful and profitable that it was!"

Jeanette Nyden
Attorney at Law

If you're one of the FIRST 25 GUESTS who registers right now, you'll receive


45 minute 1-on-1

Session with Nancy

A $495 Value FREE

After the conference, you and I will spend 45 minutes on the phone planning a strategy

and action plan for your success based on what matters most to you! What's more... your

session is recorded for you so you can forever capture every tip and tool you'll need to

advance your work and your life.

Advancing Women Conference 10/23/15


What if I told you there was a magical room that after being in

it for just a few short hours you would know, without a shadow

of a doubt, what your real  life’s purpose is!

And being in this magical room will show you how to use your

real  life’s purpose  to rediscover your unique gifts and talents

and how to use them to live the life you were born to live!

You would walk out of this magical room energized and

confident that you will live your real life’s purpose  to its full

potential, making a real difference in the world and enjoying every minute of it!

Does a magical room like this really exist, you may ask…

Indeed it does… it can be found at the…